The first time that the last time became forever.

We knew each other during our colleague days when I dated your friend.

I clasped to you when that three year relationship came to an end.

Things became official during our time at university.

I studied pharmaceuticals, by second nature I knew we would have chemistry.

Similar to the Pont des Art how our love bridges.

The only difference between us was our religions.

You studied the Bible and me, the Qur’an.

Being raised in faith based families would surely do us no harm.

Sometimes I questioned myself, like, if we got married would you love me the same?

Would you bestow me with devotion and take on my Arabic name?

I’m excited to have kids and you know I want a son, but would you have an issue if he spoke my mother tongue?

Enthralled by a tsunami of emotions. The only thing left in its devastation was the doubt that we would be together forever.

I spent time integrating with your family by right they became mine in the end.

Although I didn’t celebrate it, along came invites to Christmas dinners which I would attend.

Bible studies on a Wednesday night in your church,

I’d come along and share an objective view which never hurt.

Three years later we’re going strong,

Months away from moving in to our home,

University had finished.

You were a talented seamstress,

Designing clothes for major brands,

I had a desire to learn more and get my masters in hand.

A Saturday afternoon, the weather was beautiful,

I received a call from my ‘Mrs Beautiful’,

Requesting my presence at her home because she was all alone,

I got in the shower then made my way to her humble abode.

I ask about mum and why shes wasn’t around,

She says her mum has gone to see a friend and won’t be back for while.

Everything was great, laying in the bed whilst cuddling and kissing.

My ear twitches as I hear the beads shake that hung just outside your kitchen.

My lips on your neck,

My hand on your thigh,

You took charge as our legs intertwined

The handle to the room door is pulled and I become alarmed.

Looking across to room to see what is to come.

My stare is intense as I watch the door open slowly.

I develop an anxious pant as I’m unsure of what is upon me.

It’s definitely no ghost that’s for sure, plus she doesn’t have pets capable of opening doors.

Her mum walks in dressed in a clergy robe. Bible in one hand, some oil in the other and says that I will need to become Christian to further date her daughter.

I’m confused by the message that had been spewed,

However couldn’t react cautious of being rude.

Ridiculed with shock, frozen stiff where I stand as I contemplate why my religion should become the sacrificial lamb.

Mum begins to speak loud in a poor attempt to converse with me in Arabic.

It turns out that she was speaking in tongues, presumably translating words from the Holy Spirit.

I grab my trainers and watched as the woman I spent the past three years with not stand by me.

I kindly asked that they allow me to take my leave.

This was the first time that the last time together became forever apart.

LAMB (Audio)

André Reid

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  1. That was beautifully written!

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