Positive Individual Making Progress

Seven pimps at a table amidst one host

They sit there gazing at one another with high chests to boast.

They each have one goal and that is to be number one, they often keep their cards close to their chest, never to reveal one.

Each dictates their operation in a unique way, all for the savouring grace of overturning a competitor and claiming the prey.

Each have two bottom bitches to doo the deed,

They all have a reserve of five should they ever need.

One procurer prefers his duo to play it cool and calm and to bait them in. they’ll allow their prey spend and make them feel loved and cherished for a night before raking and stealing.

It begins and they notice the prey walking to the door, being very inconspicuous they stick out a leg, he flops to the floor, the Ace of Spades he was drinking has now ruined his suit and from his pockets fall two ruby red diamonds & three clover leafs, we figured he was from Ireland.

Helping him to a stand they show up front want they have to offer.

With the ability to match their price he no longer wants to head to his chauffeur.

The turn of events led to him to do something from the heart, three drinks were ordered and brought over to them by the bar.

The drinks lead to him taking both ladies for a walk by the river where there wasn’t much to see but five members from the club.

They made their way back to the club sizing each other up, he believes that the rest of the night should be straight forward aiming to take the goods as he shows of them pictures of a crown he used four spades to find whilst on an archeological excavation.

They then turn over their lapel and he sees the two hearty women had stolen two of the diamonds which had earlier fell from his pocket.

Everything slows down and he looks across the room to realise that these two women in this full house will not be of any benefit to him, but leave him in distress.

He looks back and sees the two ladies with with a so called “positive individual making progress” whilst holding everything that he came in with.

Now you may be wondering where I’m going with this and you’ll be interested to know then, that this is just an over exaggerated example of me and my mates in a hand of Texas hold’em

André Reid


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